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Do you ever find yourself jumping into something feet first? Well it’s a habit I have and something I do all too often. My name’s Grace, and this is just a piece of me.

I started this blog because I was jumping feet first into another new passion. After doing some research over Christmas (and watching my bank account drain) I decided to give couponing a try. There were some rookie mistakes, but before long I found sites that did all the hard work for me. Those sites led to other sites and communities of other couponers! I learned that couponing is just the surface when it comes to ways you can be saving money and getting products for free! In fact, some companies send you free stuff to try so they can get feedback.

And here we go, feet first into the world of being a product reviewer. So in  this blog you’ll find my experiences with new products and the best deals and freebies I find. Who knows, maybe it’ll help open your world to all the ways you could be saving money!