Walgreens Saving 2/10/16!

Today’s shopping list consisted of 4 totally free items! The items I got didn’t have to be split up for coupon purposes so it was all in one transaction. Here’s the loot: 1 Glade automatic spray starter kit, 1 Glade wax warmer, 1 bottle of Colgate Optic White mouthwash 16 oz and Colgate Enamel Health Whitening toothpaste 5.5 oz.

Here’s the deals:

Buy 1 mouthwash at 3.99 – (This is usually 5.99, so it’s a great deal without the coupon too)
Buy 1 toothpaste at 3.99 – (This is usually 4.99)
Buy 1 automatic spray starter kit for 7.49

My total came to 15.47. Here’s where it got fun!

Use 1 (2.00) off any one Colgate mouthwash coupon
Use 1 (.50) off one one Colgate toothpaste coupon (I actually used old register rewards worth 1.50 instead so they didn’t expire, but you can use the coupon.)
Use 1 (3.00) off one Glade automatic starter kit

Your new total is 8.97+Tax

You get 1.50 in Register Rewards good on your next purchase and 5000 bonus points on your wellness card. 5000 points is like $5 to your account.

Now go to Ibotta (and use this link!) and claim a 3.00 rebate on the automatic starter kit (There is an identical rebate and coupon for the wax warmer)

Soooo.. subtract 1.55 RR, 5.00 bonus and 3.00 rebate!

Your grand total is +.58!!!

I had to pay 1.24 in tax so even after that it was only .66!

Here’s the Register REwards and Bonus Points deal from Walgreens

(You can also buy 1 wax warmer for 7.49 – I went to 2 stores to find the wax warmer, but they were sold out so I got the store manager to write me a raincheck. This item has Register Rewards for it, and since I’ll be buying this item at a later date, after the sale changes, the manager took that savings off the sale price of the item. So now I have a raincheck for the wax warmer that will make it 5.99.)



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