My Amazon Sample Box Arrived!

A crazy thing happened last week. I saw a post on that talked about Free Amazon Sample Boxes. I had just signed up for Amazon Prime and had to give it a try, it sounded too good to be true, but Amazon has never lied to me before!

I bought the the Suds Sample Box, 8 or more samples ($7.99 credit w/ purchase)  for $7.99 and got free shipping, as always. It only took about a week to arrive and I had forgotten what I ordered when so I came home to the Amazon box I was really excited to see what was inside. Check it out!20160524_180149

That’s a FULL SIZED bottle of Seventh Generation Hand Soap Typically $3.79
An 8 pack of Cascade Platinum Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent– 20 pack usually runs about $7.00
A 17 pack of Finish Powerball Tab-Max – $6.64
Travel sizes of Planet Spray Cleaner– 4.99 for 20 oz and Laundry Detergent – $13.41 for 50 oz.
A FULL SIZED Gain Fireworks– usually about $10 and Gain Flings– again, about $10
Wisk Deep Clean sample- 50 oz is usually about $10
I also got a much smaller sample of hand soap that I’ll put in my travel bag 🙂

Overall, I think I got well more than $8 worth of samples in my box. PLUS- I get a $8 credit to use towards a qualifying amazon house house item purchase. I thought that this was going to be the catch, you know, giving me a $8 credit but only items that cost $30 qualify; I was surprisingly wrong. There are a lot of items I can get for less than or about equal to $8 than I thought! Once again, Amazon proves to be a great site!


p.s. Have you heard of Amazon Smile? It’s the same Amazon you know, but it gives a portion of your order to the charity of your choice! Just go to and log in with your regular information then pick the charity of your choice. I highly suggest picking something local, if you don’t know of any try Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter!


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