ProCIV® Silicone Wine Glasses 12oz, Set of 4



I got to try these strange little glasses for free through, but all opinions are my own. As an avid wine drinker I was so excited to be approved for this mission. Wine is usually my drink of choice, but isn’t appropriate in all places, think the pool. These are a great solution to the ‘No Glass’ rule in most public parks and pools.

The seller, ProCIV was great. I usually reach out to sellers to keep them updated, especially when I get to try their products at little to no cost. This seller always got back to me right away with answers! It only took about 2 days to get my package from Amazon and the glasses came squished down into a tiny box that fit inside my mailbox.

The wine glasses themselves were a little smaller than I anticipated (see image below) and took a while to gain a glass shape.  Even though they are made from BPA-Free, eco-friendly food-grade clear silicone I wanted to wash them real good before I gave them a try. After washing them, I put two in the freezer and filled another one up. 41maYr1sCLL

It took a little while to get used to holding the squishy glass in my hand without distorting it too much, but eventually I got the hang of it. My favorite part about these glasses is they don’t stain. I’ll admit, I’m not the best about getting dirty dishes washed and sometimes my wine glasses sit there for a week or so with the smallest amount of red wine in them.

The two I puled from the freezer didn’t quite freeze like I thought they would. I guess instead of freezing at all, they just got really cold. I used these for white wine that was already chilled and it stayed cold while I drank it, which only takes about 15 minutes per glass. (I have mentioned my love of wine, right? It doesn’t last very long at my house!)

Overall I think these #siliconeglasses would be perfect for beach days and afternoons by the pool (or any where else you cant have glass!). Since they are a little challenging to hold, I don’t think they’ll be my everyday glass, (yes, I have a glass for everyday). If you are an avid wine drinker and want your very own set of these cool glasses you can get them here:




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