Freebie Friday!

It’s friday again! You know what that means, a roundup of the samples I got this week!


I got to try the full sized bottle of Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration™ Weightless Lotion Sunscreen from

Molly’s Suds and the packet of thyme are from Thrive Market. I got an email letting me know my next 70 loads of laundry was on them with any purchase. So I ordered the Thyme for less than $1 and got the bag of laundry soap powder for free, plus free shipping.

I got a trial sized Dove Men’s Care body wash and AXE Spray from Walmart.

My gold card for Starbucks finally came too! I reached gold level last month for making a single purchase right after they launched the new rewards program. If you haven’t signed up for Starbucks Rewards yet, you can do so by clicking here and get a free drink on me! You do have to add a starbucks cards, but any gift card will work and you start earning stars right away! microsite-hero-img

The last thing I got this week are my samples of Allegra from Target! 


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