Chef Rimer Meat Thermometer

I love my #ChefRimer meat thermometer! I hate being the one to tell my man that he’s over cooking things on the grill because I hate to bruise his ego. But when I don’t speak up we end up with charred steaks and burgers that lack all the great flavors. I couldn’t wait to give it to him as a surprise just because gift, especially now that the weather is warmer and we grill out more. He’s started using it and now my steak is never over cooked and I don’t have to be the nag. It’s perfect! It only takes about a minute to get an accurate read and has a really hand hold button in case you can’t read the screen while it’s in the meat. Super easy to wipe off, but since it takes batteries I don’t like washing it with the rest of the dishes.


I used mine this week on chicken wings. Tasty! You can get yours here:ย


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