Maxam Marble Mortar and Pestle

Today I am reviewing the Maxam Marble Mortar and Pestle.


Wow! This thing just arrived in the mail and it’s bigger and heavier than I thought! It weighs about 4 pounds, is about 3 inches tall and has a 5 inch diameter. It’s made out of a gorgeous, classy marble and the textured interior makes grinding herbs and spices effortless. It adds a great touch to the spice cabinet! I us20160604_205807ed it to grind up a really large handful of dried sage from the garden last year and it took less than a minute to turn it into a fine powder. When I used it to grind up rosemary, a thicker herb, a large handful took a little bit, but smaller ones we’re really quick and easy! The Pestle, or handle, is smooth and fits in my hand nicely. The bottom of the pestle is rough like the inside of the mortar as well. I had never heard of this until I saw a promotion on, but I sure am glad I found it! I really like it and I think it will make using herbs and spices from the garden so much easier! I was able to wash it by hand and get all of the residue out of it with a little soap and a scrubber.

You can get your very on #MAXAM mortar at

A sample of this product was provided in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. My review is solely based on my own thoughts and experiences with this product. I hope they have helped you.



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