US Art Supply 16 X 20 Inch Stretched Canvas

Today I reviewing US Art Supply 16 X 20 Inch Professional Quality Acid-Free Stretched Canvases. I got this 6-Pack – 3/4 Profile 12 Ounce Primed Gesso – case for free in exchange for my review, but that does not affect my thoughts and experiences. I wanted to get that out of the way becuase this is going to be an honest speculation about what I think is happening at the company, and a review.


The 6-pk of Canvases arrived in a HUGE box! When I opened it up I found it was mostly paper padding. Each of the canvases were individually wrapped, and then wrapped together. Many of the previous reviewers on Amazon had problems with their canvases sticking together, but with the way these were wrapped, that isn’t possible. I know the company cares about it’s customers, so I must assume they look at those reviews and have seen their customers weren’t happy. They took took feedback and changed the product.

Other than that, the product I got was pretty good. It felt a little light but once I got a few layers of paint on it, it felt about normal. It had a really clean, bright white base on it, was stretched well, the staples on the back were even and pushed into the frame. The frame itself seems to be made out of quality wood. Other canvases I have bought from the store would come with small wood pieces, I never knew what they were for and would just toss them. But, in case you know what those are for and need them, these didn’t come with any. Overall, it was a pretty standard canvas and the customer service was great!20160608_172016

You can get your canvas here: #usartsupply


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