So many of my followers, family, and friends have told me about the wonderful things essential oils do. I never really bought into it, but when given the chance to try Avenir Oils Lavender Oil I jumped at it. I did a lot of research on their webpage about the best ways to use it and found out that you don’t have to have a diffuser, there are lots of other ways lavender oil can be used.

Not only does it have a wonderful aroma, it also has bountiful health and healing properties. For example, if you’re feeling stressed out or agitalavender_png3ted, you can whisk away your worries by inhaling the sweet, rich, herbaceous aroma of lavender oil straight from the bottle. It’s very beneficial for the skin, and often used in homemade skin remedies for treating acne, removing scars, or just promoting a healthy radiant skin. It’s popular with parents because it has the ability to calm a child, heal sunburn, and shorten the length of a cold.

I am so glad I got to try this oil in exchange for my review, but all opinions are my own. I can’t wait to see all the benefits of other oils as well. If you’re a newbie to essential oils like me, check out the Avenir Oils blog! It has a great beginners guide, uses and benefits to different oils and so much more! I’ve already used my lavender oil to help me fall asleep, clear up a bug bite, and freshen up a room!

You can get your own oils on their weboage here:



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