Tresalto Toilet Paper Holder

Today I am reviewing the Tresalto Toilet Paper Holder. 

When it arrived in the mail and I took it out of the box it was a lot smaller and lighter than I expected. I don’t remember there being instructions in the box, but maybe they fell out when I opened it and I lost them. When I went to open it up again and give it a try I realized that it was going to be a bigger project than I originally thought.

I have a traditional two sided holder with the spring holder in the middle. To change to this I am going to to have to unscrew the old one, patch up the wall a little bit and install this one, that only attaches to the wall at one point. I’m going to need my handyman’s help with that, but I still gave the item a good look over. Once we’ve repaid the wall a little it should be easy to install the hardware. The design makes changing rolls easy and it even holds my mega rolls. The chrome finish matches my faucets and the flusher to the toilet. I love that it will bring the bathroom together and look stylish and sleek!

If I come about problems with installing it I’ll update by blog. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. #bathroom


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