Ambilux by Maison Luxuries

I’m part of a program that lets me try products for free in exchange for an honest review and I got the Ambilux Flameless Candle. Sometimes the items they let you review are crap, so I never know what to expect when I get a new product, but, I can honestly say I love this candle! I never knew I needed it until I got to try it, but now I walk through my house and yard and think to myself, “Oh, I could put one there too!”


I’ve always loved having candles in the house because they smell so good, but I started using essential oils and no longer get the soothing flicker from a burning wick. The Ambilux candle looks and feels completely real and when it’s turned on gives off the same ‘mood’ as a real candle without any of the hazards. I’ve found so many cool places that a candle looks great in, but wouldn’t be practical with a flame, like the bookshelf, nightstand, garden table and lower shelves of the entertainment center.

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The Amazon seller Maison Luxuries says the technology that makes it look so real is a high quality patented technology that is unlike every other flameless candle. The candle does require 2 D batteries, which were harder to find than I thought and at $6 for a 4-pack much pricier than I like. (I usually invest in rechargeable batteries!) The battery pack is hand covered with a high quality unscented ivory wax to really make it look and feel real.  

I do like the timer setting though and found the remote more useful than I thought. I leave it set on timer, and while I don’t notice it come on and off every so many hours, I do turn it on and off from across the room with the remote. Sometimes when I sit in the chair (about 8 ft on the other side of the room) it doesn’t quite reach, but the couch which is just shy of 7 feet reaches fine. Here is where I chose to put my first candle, but I’m sure I’ll be getting more before too long!

I hope you enjoyed my review and that it helped you make a great product purchase! I give the #MLuxuries Ambilux candle 5 stars! You can get your candle here:

I’d love to hear what you think of your candle in the comments!


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