#Chefast Herb Scissors

Today’s review is spsonsored by Tomoson.com and is for the #Chefast Herb Scissors.20160619_165110

I personally believe that herb scissors, as well as many of the other products I get to review in exchange for my honest review, are a luxury item. Check out my review of the meat thermometer, the mortar– which I use more often than I thought, and the silicone wine glasses.

So, while I can see how this would be useful in some kitchens, I don’t see myself using it much. I grow my own herbs in the garden, and usually when I go to use them I just crush them up real quick and throw them in my meal. The herb scissors were helpful for cutting up already dried herbs (last years harvest) but didn’t cut fresh herbs that well.

If you leave it out of the case the blades warp just a little and you can find it hard to fit back in the case. Luckily, they come with a lifetime warranty so if it ever gets so bad that I can’t use them I’ll just get them replaced. The scissors also come with 2 bags. I’m storing some fresh basil in one now to see how long it keeps. Over all, I give this product 4 stars. It’s definitely something you could live without, but I guess if you cooked with whole dried herbs a lot it would be useful.Β #Chefast You can get herb scissors for your kitchen here.Β 



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