Follow Your TART!

This mission is sponsored by Smiley360 and SweeTARTS Mini Gummies!


SweeTARTS wants you to celebrate your passions no matter how weird or quirky, Follow Your TART! My heart led me to and SweeTARTS Mini Gummies!

SweeTARTS Mini Chewy candy has always been a favorite of mine. Every mo20160624_200624uthwatering chew becomes a unique flavor fusion of tangy fruity fun as you mix up the combination of flavors in each bite. The new Mini Gummer are the same tangy fruity flavors and are just as much to mix, mash, make your own combinations with.

These candies are small gummies with an extra coating of tangy sweetness! NEstle doesn’t use any artificial flavors or colors, and each 3.5 oz bag is just 2.5 servings, perfect for sharing with others!

If you’re interested in trying products for free from Smiley360 click here and sign up!




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