InstaNatural Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Our next review come to you from InstaNatural Glycolic Facial Cleanser.


I got to try this for free in exchange for my honest review. The bottle is 6.7 ounces, which is quite large. I would think using it twice a day it would last at least 2-3 months, maybe even 4 or 5 making it a great deal for the price! I’m only 23, so I don’t really need anti-aging products yet. I try to care of my skin by using sunscreens, moisturizers, and 71dHLRPkxJL._SX522_exfoliators. But, I was telling my mom about it and she can’t wait to try it! She’s big into natural ingredients and InstaNatural uses only the highest quality and most effective formulas in their products.

I did use it just to see what it was like and it doesn’t have a strong smell, but it doesn’t smell great either. I like cleansers that exfoliate with beads and this was just a lather, but it did get foamy when I rinsed it off. I have pretty oily skin and it didn’t help dry it out. 30 minutes after washing my face and not using any other products I was real oily again.

The 6.7 0z. bottle is on sale for about $20, but is normally $50. #InstaNatural You can get yous here:



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