#ChefsLimited Whistling Tea Pot!

I really love my #Chefslimited tea pot. I recently started using a french press and a coffee drip but didn’t have a great way of heating up the water. I would start a pot, walk away, and co20160712_200625me back to it boiling over. I love the whistle on this pot. it’s not high pitch and just loud enough so you can hear it across the house without it being annoying. To watch a video of the whistle, click here. The whistle park is detachable, when the water is ready you just take that part off and pour the water out of the nozzle.

It’s a great size, if I ever had guests over I could make enough hot chocolate, tea or coffee for everyone. When I’m only making enough for myself I don’t fill it all 20160712_201007the way and it only takes a few minutes to get hot, and less than 5 to boil. The silicone handle is very heat resistant and it’s never been a problem holding it fresh off the stove. The handle on the pot however, does get warm. If I am making tea in the pot I still have to use a towel to take off the lid. The knob on the lid doesn’t get as hot as the rest of the lid or pot, but it is warm.

I got to try this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and I really do love this! You can get your own here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017GBADNY


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