Reusable Produce Bags by FreshMarket

2I love these mesh bags! I’ve come up with so many uses for them already! This year I started growing my own food in the garden and have found that I grow more herbs than I can use. I’ve tried several different ways of drying them out so I can save them for the off season, but nothing has worked too well yet. I like these bags because they are large enough to hold a full sized paper towel and hold a lot! In the photo below you can see I’ve got basil drying. There is a single layer of fresh herbs on each side of the paper towel. The paper tow1el is in there to soak up moisture.

I’ve also transferred my onions to one of these bags. Onions need to breathe, but the holes in the mesh bags they come in from the store are too big and I end up with the dried outer layers of the onions all over the kitchen. The holes in these mesh bags are small enough to keep those in the bag, while also letting my veggies breathe!

Now, here’s where I get a little crazy with ways I’ve used them. On my most recent vacation I used the mesh bags for my dirty clothes. While they aren’t large enough for an entire load (or even a small load) of clothes, they are big enough to hold dirty intimates. I also used one to put out wet bathing suits in after a day at the lake. Since it’s mesh they dry faster and don’t smell as bad when we take them out of the bag to be washed.

I had never really thought about #resuablebags , but now that my eyes have been opened, I know the uses are probably endless.

I got to try this item for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and I suggest you get yours here:


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