Saganizer Grocery #BagHolder

Every house in America needs one of these. We use grocery bags for dog poop, lining trash cans, and lunch bags when we’re out of paper ones, but it always seems like we’ve got a 3+ year supply that is growing. This fit every bag we’ve gotten for the last month or so without them having to be squished down. It could hold a lot more too! I think it’s great for monitoring the amount of bags we keep. Once it’s full we’ll recycle the new bags we get until we start running low again.

We put this on the back of the kitchen door that leads to the laundry room. It was so easy to install, I was able to do it myself with nothing but a small hand powered tool. Keep my bags in this holder makes the kitchen look cleaner and I absolutely love it!

I got to try this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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