Premium Mattress Protector Cover by CushyBeds

I recently got this for our bed because the dog sleeps with us at night and lays in our bed during the day when we’re gone. It’s not like we have a normal dog either, we have a pitbull who like to chew his own paws/nails. There are days when we come home from work and there is a puddle of drool in the middle of our bed. Now, some people have just told us to shut the doors. And while we could do that, it make us feel bad for our boy. Plus, there are times when we’re just napping in bed and he’s drooling away.

This mattress protector helps us from having to air out the mattress every time he gets extra drool-y. Now we just have to change the sheet. The pockets are extra deep, great for protecting a pillow topper or memory foam topper and the mattress. I was worried that this was going to feel like sleeping on a sheet of plastic but it’s really soft and quiet under the sheet. I’m really glad I got to try this product for free in exchange for my honest review. I’ve really liked having this on my bed!



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