Bello Vino

I became a fan of Bella Vino the first time I tried their crystal wine decanter. It was so pretty and classy, I can’t wait to have a forever home to display this in. When I got the chance to review other Bella Vino products I jumped at it!


This pair of Bella Vino Champagne flutes is perfect for home date nights, a romantic picnic in the park, or just celebrating a personal accomplishment! I can wait to fill these with 20160827_174847mimosas this football season too! Like the rest of the Bella Vino products, these are absolutely gorgeous and made of crystal.  These didn’t come in a cute box like the other products, but they did come in styrofoam, so they are protected. I have mine in storage until I either get a better house for displaying items like this, or I have a reason to use them. I don’t want to leave them out and have them get broken in the meantime. You can check these out here:

20160827_174605The Bella Vino White Wine Glasses were made of a heavier crystal, similar to the decanter and lighter than the champagne flutes. They are so classy and elegant and I just love them. I can’t decide if I should gift them, and be the best white elephant gift-er, or keep them for myself! There’s nothing like coming home from a long day and having a nice wine out of a nice glass. I love my Bella Vino glassware! You can check out these white wine glasses here:

I got to try all of these products for free in exchange for my honest review. You can too, check out



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