Some of you have probably heard of apps like Ibotta, Checkout51 and other cash-back apps. Well, on August 1st, bevRAGE is launching nationally and is your go to app for case back on beer, wine, and liquor!

Right now, if you’re like me and live in South Carolina, it says there aren’t offers. But I expect that will change on August 1st.

For a limited time, you can join bevRAGE using the code: KAUNFHZS to get even more cash back!

Here are some of the offers:



My Amazon Sample Box Arrived!

A crazy thing happened last week. I saw a post on that talked about Free Amazon Sample Boxes. I had just signed up for Amazon Prime and had to give it a try, it sounded too good to be true, but Amazon has never lied to me before!

I bought the the Suds Sample Box, 8 or more samples ($7.99 credit w/ purchase)  for $7.99 and got free shipping, as always. It only took about a week to arrive and I had forgotten what I ordered when so I came home to the Amazon box I was really excited to see what was inside. Check it out!20160524_180149

That’s a FULL SIZED bottle of Seventh Generation Hand Soap Typically $3.79
An 8 pack of Cascade Platinum Actionpacs Dishwasher Detergent– 20 pack usually runs about $7.00
A 17 pack of Finish Powerball Tab-Max – $6.64
Travel sizes of Planet Spray Cleaner– 4.99 for 20 oz and Laundry Detergent – $13.41 for 50 oz.
A FULL SIZED Gain Fireworks– usually about $10 and Gain Flings– again, about $10
Wisk Deep Clean sample- 50 oz is usually about $10
I also got a much smaller sample of hand soap that I’ll put in my travel bag 🙂

Overall, I think I got well more than $8 worth of samples in my box. PLUS- I get a $8 credit to use towards a qualifying amazon house house item purchase. I thought that this was going to be the catch, you know, giving me a $8 credit but only items that cost $30 qualify; I was surprisingly wrong. There are a lot of items I can get for less than or about equal to $8 than I thought! Once again, Amazon proves to be a great site!


p.s. Have you heard of Amazon Smile? It’s the same Amazon you know, but it gives a portion of your order to the charity of your choice! Just go to and log in with your regular information then pick the charity of your choice. I highly suggest picking something local, if you don’t know of any try Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter!

Walgreens Saving 2/10/16!

Today’s shopping list consisted of 4 totally free items! The items I got didn’t have to be split up for coupon purposes so it was all in one transaction. Here’s the loot: 1 Glade automatic spray starter kit, 1 Glade wax warmer, 1 bottle of Colgate Optic White mouthwash 16 oz and Colgate Enamel Health Whitening toothpaste 5.5 oz.

Here’s the deals:

Buy 1 mouthwash at 3.99 – (This is usually 5.99, so it’s a great deal without the coupon too)
Buy 1 toothpaste at 3.99 – (This is usually 4.99)
Buy 1 automatic spray starter kit for 7.49

My total came to 15.47. Here’s where it got fun!

Use 1 (2.00) off any one Colgate mouthwash coupon
Use 1 (.50) off one one Colgate toothpaste coupon (I actually used old register rewards worth 1.50 instead so they didn’t expire, but you can use the coupon.)
Use 1 (3.00) off one Glade automatic starter kit

Your new total is 8.97+Tax

You get 1.50 in Register Rewards good on your next purchase and 5000 bonus points on your wellness card. 5000 points is like $5 to your account.

Now go to Ibotta (and use this link!) and claim a 3.00 rebate on the automatic starter kit (There is an identical rebate and coupon for the wax warmer)

Soooo.. subtract 1.55 RR, 5.00 bonus and 3.00 rebate!

Your grand total is +.58!!!

I had to pay 1.24 in tax so even after that it was only .66!

Here’s the Register REwards and Bonus Points deal from Walgreens

(You can also buy 1 wax warmer for 7.49 – I went to 2 stores to find the wax warmer, but they were sold out so I got the store manager to write me a raincheck. This item has Register Rewards for it, and since I’ll be buying this item at a later date, after the sale changes, the manager took that savings off the sale price of the item. So now I have a raincheck for the wax warmer that will make it 5.99.)