My Favorite Sites

I mention a lot of sites in my blog posts so here’s an easy round-up of them all and a description of each.

Blogs-  this is one of my favorite blogs to follow for free samples, sweepstakes, guides and more.  Tina does a lot of the couponing work for you over at Free Stuff Finder! Every week she uploads a video with the best deals she found that week, and in addition to doing the coupon work for you, she also scours the web for the best deals and freebies!

Sample Sites-– PinchMe is a sample site that hosts “Sample Tuesday” once a month. On sample Tuesday, log in and request the samples available to you! If you’re new to PinchMe, use this referral code: 7N4QR

Free Product Sites-

Smiley360-  As a Smiley member you have access to their upcoming  campaigns. This is a great one to sign up for and then keep an eye out for their invitation emails. While you may not ALWAYS have a product to review, when you do get one it’s usually full sized!

Very similar to Smiley360 is the Snuggle Bear Den- same general idea as Smiley360, but only for the snuggle brand. You can sign up for the bear den here: